Dee has over 30 years of experience in the wellness space. She is specialised in pre & postnatal yoga, seniors and kids yoga, childbirth educator and doula. In Dee’s Yin & Meditation classes expect to be taken on a deep nourishing and relaxing experience. Dee’s classes guide you within, to reconnect with yourself and the peace that lives inside of you.
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“Vinyasa” translated from Sanskrit literally means ‘to place in a special way’. In this case, place asanas (yoga postures) in a special way as we link one posture to the next, connecting movement and breath, creating a steady internal rhythm for the practice. Our Flow classes are designed to cultivate heat in the body with creative sequences and a strong focus on the power of breath awareness. Expect Pranayama (breathing techniques) and Meditation practices included.
All levels welcome

Power Flow

Our Power Flow classes are a little faster and more intense yoga than our Vinyasa classes.
All levels welcome

Yin & Meditation

Yin yoga is a relaxing style intended to be healing and nurturing for the body. Focused on applying moderate stress to the connective tissues – tendons, fascia, ligaments – by holding poses for a longer period of time, with the aim of increase circulation in the joints, relieve stress and restore the nervous system. Expect some time meditating, experiencing a state of stillness that flows with ease, leaving you feeling at peace with yourself and the world around you.
All levels welcome

Gentle Flow

A slow-paced practice designed to build internal heat slowly and gently while connecting movement to the breath. Meditation and Pranayama (breath work) techniques are taught to promote relaxation in the body and mind.
All levels welcome

Yang to Yin

In this class we mix two styles of Yoga into one practice. Starting the first half with a more dynamic/active Yang practice to warm up, concentrate the mind and find that breath-movement synchronicity, getting rid of any excess prana/energy in the body. Now the body is ready to relax and open into a passive/restorative Yin practice with long holds to detoxify and let the mind quiet down. Just an amazing combination!
All levels welcome


In our Yogalates classes expect a mind-body intervention, focusing on strength, core stability, flexibility, muscle control, posture and breathing. You will tone the body, correct posture and leave feeling energized and empowered. A perfect practice to build strength and prepare the body for those challenging yoga postures.
All levels welcome

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Maddie is a beautiful human, humble, simple, clear and caring. This class was such a deep practice that made us cry and release stored emotions leaving us with amazing affirmations and relieved!


Lovely class, great instructor. Good combination of challenges, strength and stretch. Will come again!


Fabulous class. Iveta‘s knowledge of yoga anatomy and philosophy helps me dive much deeper into my practice.